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Singha Lager Beer, 12X33cl Bottles(HC)

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Half Case 12 X 33CL
Country: Thailand

Singha Beer is a distinguished and iconic Thai lager with a history dating back over 80 years. Brewed by Boon Rawd Brewery Co., Ltd. in Thailand, Singha is named after the mythical lion guardian of ancient Thai culture. This award-winning beer is crafted with the finest ingredients, including premium barley malt, hops, and pure water sourced from Thai artesian wells. With a pale golden color and a crisp, clean taste, Singha offers a refreshing balance of malt sweetness and subtle hop bitterness. Its distinctively smooth and refreshing character has made it a favorite among locals and a popular choice for beer enthusiasts worldwide. Whether you’re exploring the vibrant streets of Bangkok or savoring the flavors of Thai cuisine, Singha Beer is a go-to companion that complements the warmth of Thailand’s hospitality and culture. Sip and experience the taste of the Land of Smiles!

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